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Our Team

Here at Advance Enterprise Inc, teamwork is the life-blood that propels us forward. Everything we do, we do together. Every success is shared and celebrated by each member. When any one of us is met with a challenge, each team member rallies for support and encouragement. ‘Strength in numbers’ is a concept that has been vital to the many profitable client-to-service-provider relationships that we have experienced.

Our Services

Defined as drawing a consumer’s attention towards a brand or specific product, Client Acquisition is one of the fastest growing trends in marketing today. Advance Enterprise sets the standard for bringing suppliers and customers together, giving clients the opportunity to excel beyond their competitors with proven and measurable results. We take campaigns to the next level, securing the consumer for our clients directly.

Meet the Team

Ayesha Manahan

COO/Administrative Lead

Ayesha has been part of the AEI team from its inception. Now as an executive, she oversees almost every aspect of administration, from human resources to quality control and just about everything in between.

Shawn Uong


Starting in the industry himself as a representative, Shawn has built AEI from the ground up. "It's all about who you surround yourself with," says Shawn, "and here at AEI, we have nothing but the best!"


Assistant Manager

After coming up through the ranks, Eddie joined the staff to help create and maintain the kind of teamwork among team members he was known for as a representative. "Teamwork is everything," says Eddie. "If one of us succeeds, we all succeed!"

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